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Freehand Studios

Illustrations and animations for education

“Three years ago, I had a dream to develop a martial art like like my hero Bruce Lee...

... But whereas Bruce used his fists and Nunchucks, I would use freehand drawings and other compelling forms of visual storytelling. In order to share our stories with the world, I sought the wisdom of my partner Sarah Mallia who showed me how to create a Movement. We called these twin forces FREEHAND MOVEMENT.


Three years later, Freehand Movement is a registered company that runs an animation and illustration studio dedicated to developing compelling educational content. We’ve published my graphic novel ‘Art of Unlearning’ and other tools to inspire creativity in every hand that engages with them. A creative education revolution has began!”

-Chief Nyamweya

The founders of Freehand Studios met on EAST17.

See their Facebook Page.

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